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A Day At The Beach Then Some Sex

It was a really hot day so Ashtton asked her man to take her to the beach, and like he was going to so no to seeing this sweet girl in a bikini. They packed up the car and in no time at all she was playing near the water, he was getting hard just watching this really sexy girl messing around in the water. She got the feeling he was worked up, and being the nice girl that she is, this blonde babe told him to take her back home and make her scream with some hot sex.

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Dude Picks Up Two stunners At The Beach

This dude was really showing all us guys how it’s done. He was at the beach when he spots these two sexy girlfriends, they were in their bikinis and well he just had to go and talk with them. He does his thing and these girls are totally falling for it, he tells them to come back to his place, and they fucking do! Now he takes them in the room, lays them down on his bed and takes turns fucking each girls sweet pussy.

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Ashley And Her Girl Friend In Bikinis

Take a look at these two sweet looking girls, here they are at the beach having some fun. They were in their sexy bikini’s and well they just looked totally hot, some of the guys at the beach thought so as well and soon the girls found themselves becoming the center of attention. They knew all the men on the beach were checking them out, so what better time for them to stand up and head for the water, you can be sure they made sure to shake their asses on the way to the water.

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