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Not Your Typical Amateur: Hailey Leigh

Hailey Leigh

I think it is safe to say that Hailey Leigh is not your typical amateur girl. But the truth is she is an amateur in the sense that she was just a hot babe living in the Mid-West just like anybody else and then one day somebody noticed her. Hailey didn’t go looking for a career in the porn industry and I think it is better to say that she isn’t in the porn industry – not like pornstars like Aletta Ocean is anyway.

As you might have guess by looking at her Hailey is very cute. She loves her tattoos and each one of them has a story. So does her clit piercing. The story for that is that she enjoys sex a lot and she also enjoys being able to cum by humping things like pillows, padding couch arms and grinding on you in full clothing, yet cumming as hard as if you were inside her pussy.

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