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Fucking in America

Every time I log in to this site that one song runs through my head that talks about having “hoes in different area codes.” That’s because for the guys behind Private Society, that’s not just some flex, that’s their whole life. Lucky for us, they are recording their xxx rated adventures and allowing us to enjoy it all.
They travel across the country, fucking barely legal teens and women from around the country. There’s a heavy focus on the Midwest, but I’m just waiting for them to branch out further. Though, I must admit, with their steady updates, I’m seeing that there is no shortage of these honeys to fuck, and I’m loving every minute of it.
The video quality is great, especially for being authentic amateur footage. I’m especially stoked about the fact that they are now offering this PrivateSociety discount for up to 67% off. While it’s always reasonably priced, I really think that this helps open the door and get more people watching. And I for one am more than happy to help fund their travels because I never want them to slow down.